All Simon Fraser University (SFU) Engineering Science students conclude their degrees with a Capstone Project. This practical, engaging and often highly entrepreneurial development project provides students with a forum to tackle engineering problems of their own choosing in a dynamic and innovative way.

Six students developing gamma-prototypes were invited to tour Dorigo Systems to learn more about what's involved in the process of prototyping electronics. Instead of learning through lectures, they had the opportunity to see how Dorigo's customers contract their prototype development. During the tour, they discovered that Mark Pillon, founder and President, started Dorigo Systems from his parent’s home in 1988 armed with an Engineering Science degree from Simon Fraser University. He built Dorigo Systems on the values his parents instilled in him – perseverance, teamwork, adaptability and – above all – hard work.

Dorigo has grown significantly since those early days and now occupies over 45,000 sq. feet of manufacturing space and employs nearly 100 people. The SFU students were able to view Dorigo's team - in action - as an inspiration to fuelling ideas for their current capstone projects.

Recent SFU Capstone projects have included voice-operated bicycle lights, an ATV automatic protection system, a motion-sensing cat toy and a musical rehabilitation assistance device. The only limits to these students' projects are their imagination and application. We were delighted to host them at our headquarters in Burnaby. 

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