Dorigo’s “Take Our Kids To Work Day” event on Nov 2nd was a massive success! The high school students all enjoyed a fun day of touring Dorigo, learning about:

  • What Dorigo does
  • How we are “A Part of Something Extraordinary”
  • What is Lean Manufacturing
  • What are Kanban Processes.

It was an engaging, educational, and positive experience for the students and our team at Dorigo! Here’s a glimpse into our fun filled day.

“Thank you so much! I had such a fun time with everyone and learning more about the company. I learned so much about the manufacturing process and I’m so great that I even got to try soldering! I especially enjoyed all the games we got to play. There were so many inspiring things that I learned at Dorigo. I found that Dorigo is very dedicated to their employees, and I wish to come back one day. Thanks to you I will have so many great things to tell my class!”
– E.N. (gr. 9 student)