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It’s time to take the Industry 4.0 Journey

There’s been a lot of talk lately about how Industry 4.0 is changing manufacturing. And rightly so. It is the fourth major industrial revolution in history – and it is underway. Industry 4.0 revolutionizes the manufacturing process by bridging the gap between high-level Information Technology (IT) and floor-level Operational Technology (OT), leveraging intelligent data insights to power factory-wide communications.

To be successful, Industry 4.0 must be embraced as a long-term, strategic mindset of digital transformation that dynamically alters a manufacturer’s entire operational perspective. It is what Dorigo Systems, a Canadian electronics manufacturing services company, committed to when plans for their new facility were being made back in 2018. Not only did they want to build a new manufacturing space that would be flexible to meet their future growth, but also design an infrastructure that would bring new levels of productivity.

Seamless and transparent manufacturing experience

What was paramount to Dorigo Systems was their commitment to providing their customers with a seamless and transparent manufacturing experience from Request for Quote to Final Delivery. The combination of their state-of-the-art facility, supported by Industry 4.0 connected communications, would significantly boost productivity, reduce costs and improve product quality services. What they discovered, is that the way forward with Industry 4.0 is not an end point – it is a journey – and one shared with their strategic partner, Aegis Software and their FactoryLogix Manufacturing Execution System (MES).

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