Dorigo Systems continues to expand their electronics manufacturing services throughout North America. As they evolve with the changes in the electronics manufacturing ecosystem, they know they are part of something extraordinary.

We’ve reached out to Kin Leong, Dorigo’s Senior Project Manager, to understand why being part of something extraordinary is important to the growth and direction for Dorigo Systems. 

Kin Leong brings over 30 years in manufacturing and operations to Dorigo Systems’ team. He has a proven ability to make things work well together. During his career, Kin has been recognized as a transformational and people-focused leader. He is an analytical problem solver who enjoys the challenge of resolving issues and improving processes to maximize workplace efficiency and productivity.

What does “part of something extraordinary” mean for Dorigo Systems?

Everyone’s efforts make a difference. We have a very experienced, smart, and collaborative team at Dorigo that brings their great ideas to meet ongoing challenges. It’s this ‘can do’ attitude that is part of the strong corporate values that keep Dorigo moving forward with all the issues we’ve faced recently from the pandemic to supply chain.

Dorigo Systems understands that our organization is part of an electronics manufacturing ecosystem which continues to get bigger and more vital to our daily lives. The products we touch or use daily, from our automobiles to our kitchen appliance, are the result of a long chain of suppliers and manufacturers. It’s exciting to be part of something so much bigger than simply populating circuit boards at Dorigo. We’re an important part of these extraordinary manufacturing chains that help our customers succeed with the products they offer.

How does Dorigo’s corporate values benefit customers?

We are on a collaborative journey together with our customers. Dorigo makes a difference for our customers that rely on us to help them bring quality products to market. Dorigo’s team understands that we are an extension of our customers’ manufacturing team.

Dorigo is a contract manufacturer that builds other people’s great ideas and we’re doing it differently with Product Success Teams. Each team consists of a Product Engineer, Buyer, Material Planner and Account Manger with a clear and proactive mandate to ensure our customers gain value with Dorigo as a partner. Our goal is to ensure stability, reliability, and quality for customers.

What is Dorigo Systems’ vision for 2023?

Our focus continues to be working better and overcoming supply chain challenges. The electronics industry is making progress to reduce the ‘panic buying’ that we’ve seen for the past two years. Dorigo is managing customer expectations and setting realistic deliverable dates. We are working hard with our customers and vendors to avoid being over-reactive which artificially drives demand.

We must work together along the entire supply chain to ensure the manufacturing process is smooth and responsive. It is our hope, by deploying our Product Success Teams, that we bring greater stability to our customers.

Does Dorigo have a fear of an upcoming recession?

Dorigo Systems is in a good place with the back log of orders and bookings that extend into 2024. As a result, we’re a stable choice for our customers. As market corrections happen, our company will not be caught in peaks and valleys.

What does being “part of something extraordinary” mean to Dorigo’s growing team?

Mark Pillon, P.Eng., President & Founder, had a strong vision for our world-class manufacturing facility. He wanted to ensure that it was a very welcoming and open environment for our team to work in. The design of our open spaces gives us more opportunities to collaborate while the abundance of natural light promotes a healthy work environment.

Creating an extraordinary place to work through our collaboration and willingness to go further is something we all appreciate everyday at Dorigo.