Dorigo Systems continues to expand their electronics manufacturing services throughout North America. As they evolve with the changes in the electronics manufacturing ecosystem, they know they are part of something extraordinary.

We’ve reached out to Aimee Jo Milendres to understand why being part of something extraordinary is important to the growth and direction for Dorigo Systems.

Aimee has been an integral part of Dorigo for over 15 years. She has served in a multitude of roles which have supported the company’s growth. Aimee oversees the daily operations of Dorigo’s Product Success Teams with a clear and proactive mandate to ensure customers gain value and top level service with Dorigo as their partner.

What does being “part of something extraordinary” mean for Dorigo Systems Product Success Teams?

We understand that the relationship we foster between our customer and our manufacturing team is pivotal to bringing the most innovative products to market. That is why Dorigo Systems has formed Product Success Teams that consist of a Product Engineer, Buyer, Material Planner and Account Manager. Together, this team collaborates with our customers to solve problems and streamline the manufacturing process to generate the outcomes that our customers require. This team approach generates extraordinary results time after time.

Describe the four roles within the Product Success Teams and why they are important to supporting Dorigo’s customers.

Our Account Managers oversee the entire project and bring their knowledge and history of the customer to the Product Success Teams. Our Material Planners and Buyers manage the process for sourcing, buying and tracking raw materials while our Product Engineers provide up front review and Design for Manufacturability. Our team is fully engaged with our customers throughout the project to make positive recommendations for moving forward.

How does Dorigo Systems onboard a new project?

We involve the customer upfront by reviewing the project together to understand each others expectations. Dorigo’s team then evaluates what is required to support the project with our capabilities, processes and equipment. We also apply our teams different experiences and perspectives in order to steer the project in the right direction.

What makes working at Dorigo Systems part of something extraordinary?

For me, being seen and heard is so important to how I operate with the teams. I know that all of our ideas, feedback and my direction makes a difference every day. By combining my insight with the diverse perspectives of our teams ensures we are driving towards finding solutions that can be efficiently delivered. I enjoy inspiring our teams so they are able to “hear” and understand what is top of mind for customers.

Knowing our customers’ projects are being developed and refined with our part in the manufacturing process continues to further my enthusiasm for what I do.

What do you enjoy most in your role as Director of Business Operations?

Electronics manufacturing continues to evolve and the possibilities for what we can deliver keeps me excited in what I do every day. Working together with customers to understand their needs, and honing in on ways to strengthen these relationships, is so essential. Inspiring others on my team to apply their unique knowledge and abilities fuels me in my business operations role.

The journey from having a great idea to manufacturing a product is a fascinating one. We’re really doing it differently at Dorigo Systems and, in turn, successfully collaborating during a time when a pandemic and unstable supply chain have changed everything.