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The Panasonic NPM-W provides high speed assembly with advanced manufacturing capabilities

February 03, 2015 – Vancouver, BC, Canada – Dorigo Systems Ltd, one of the Pacific Northwest’s leading contract manufacturers of Printed Circuit Board Assemblies (PCBA), has added Panasonic’s  NPM-W modular placement machines to their newest SMT assembly line. The new machines are specifically customized to provide advanced manufacturing capabilities and increased throughput.

The upgraded line includes four new Panasonic NPM-W Series placement machines which are capable of handling large PCBs up to 750 x 550mm, components ranging from 0402 metric (01005 imperial) to     100 x 90 x 28mm tall and connector sizes up to 150 x 25mm. Features include: automatic support pin placement to ensure accurate support without damage to components on the underside of the board, a Multi-Functional Transfer Unit for flux or solder paste dip application in production of Package on Package devices; Placement Height Control Sensors to compensate for any PCB topography variance; 3D Sensors for better pick and placement of the latest component technologies and SMART feeders which allows for quick changeover, traceability and Feeder Anywhere capability.

 The modular design of this new NPM-W Line can support extremely complex and high mix PCB assemblies.  Each module is equipped with 2 highly versatile and flexible heads on 2 gantries with up to 16 nozzles.  Very impressive placement tact time of up to 70,000 chips per hour (CPH), or 0.051 second/chip, can be achieved which results in less production time and, in turn, a lower production cost.

  “We are continually investing in our infrastructure to best serve our customer’s needs,” says Mark Pillon, P.Eng., President of Dorigo Systems Ltd. “The introduction of the Panasonic NPM-W Series ensures we can exceed current manufacturing requirements and be well positioned for our future growth.”

Dorigo Systems is a full turnkey solutions provider that has the expertise and resources to handle the entire production process from sourcing components and assembling boards to final mechanical assembly, configuration management, testing and shipping of finished products to end customers.

Paul Vasvary, Business Development Manager, comments, It is important for Dorigo to utilize the fastest and highest quality SMT equipment with the latest technological features and capabilities for the varied mix of customer projects we complete. The Panasonic NPM-W line has been tailored to our needs enabling automated features that allow for increased quality with the industry’s smallest and largest components while handling a variety of board sizes and thickness. By offering the Panasonic NPM-W technology to our growing customer base, we can provide enhanced quality, traceability and the flexibility of placing any SMT component our customers’ specify.

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Dorigo Congratulates Photon Control for Outstanding Achievement

Since 2005, Photon Control and Dorigo have partnered to assemble electronic circuit boards for Photon sensors used in the semiconductor, life sciences, power and utilities industries. 

We congratulate Photon Control on their continued success and being the 27th fastest growing business in British Columbia according to a recent Business in Vancouver article that appeared in TNET.

Learn more about how Dorigo delivers "copy exact" precision measuring sensors with 100% on time delivery to Photon Control by reading a recent case study.

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The August issue of Electronics, Products & Technology features Dorigo and how it is experiencing expansion throughout Canada and the Pacific Northwest through posiitive sales growth.


Burnaby-based electronics manufacturing services (EMS) provider Dorigo Systems Ltd has enjoyed sustained positive growth through much of its 26 years of operation. This is no small achievement in a market that continues to push OEMs to be highly cost-effective and cost-sensitive.

Representing one of the Pacific Northwest’s leading contract manufacturers of printed circuit board assemblies (PCBA), Dorigo touts its stability, loyalty and longevity as the pillars to its success.

Specializing in low to mid volume orders combined with mid to high complexity, Dorigo serves some of the most respected OEM’s in the industry. That privilege didn’t come easy, but achieved through quality workmanship, responsiveness and superior customer service, according to company founder and president Mark Pillon, P.Eng.

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Cadex was recently featured in Canadian Industry Magazine for achieving over 25 years in the design and manufacture of battery chargers, analyzers, rapid test and monitoring systems.

For over 18 of these years, Dorigo has been Cadex's EMS partner. Both companies have grown together since the first project in October, 1996. We are proud partners and join in celebrating their continued success.

Read the Cadex - CIO Manufacturing Series article and join with us in congratulating Cadex on 25 successful years!



Since 1988, Business in Vancouver (BIV) newspaper has chronicled the history of the biggest businesses in British Columbia through its weekly BIV lists.

Today, BIV covers more than 60 different industry sectors each year, rotating with an additional 20 sections every two years, providing comprehensive coverage of the province’s business community.

Dorigo Systems Ltd was officially ranked 55th largest technology firm for 2014. Click here to view the entire list.