From companies specializing in wireless communication devices and RF transmission systems to security and marine electronic products, our clients come to Dorigo Systems because we have the expertise to deliver the quality, workmanship and customer service they demand. 

By maintaining close and productive working relationships with our customers, we have successfully assisted them in: 

- Providing accurate and timely quotes 
- Fast prototyping 
- Collaborating up front in Design for Manufacturability (DFM) 
- Streamlining production 
- Finding new ways of meeting challenging production deadlines.

We are proud to be a partner in the production process and thank our dedicated customers for choosing Dorigo Systems as their EMS provider. 

"It's not often you can find a manufacturing partner that delivers both a high level of control and quality in their services," says Ron Iacobelli, P.Eng and COO at Streamline Transportation Technologies Inc. "We always trust Dorigo Systems to build what we've designed and specified. It's an ongoing relationship that makes us agile in delivering our fleet automation controller to market quickly and effectively."

Richard LaLau, President, Quadrant Electronics Inc, states, "Dorigo interprets and rapidly prototypes our designs to the highest level of quality - by closely coupling design and manufacturing we can quickly resolve product quality and production efficiency problems."

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Disrupting Fleet Management with Made-in-Canada IoT Innovation

Burnaby, BC, Canada – July 12, 2017 – Knowing where fleet vehicles and drivers are at all times identifies potential problems sooner and mitigates risks before they become larger issues that can impact driver safety or increase operating costs. This vision is what has propelled the design of NaviLink, an IoT transportation controller which is disrupting today’s fleet management. Manufactured by Dorigo Systems, this controller is a critical component of the Navistream onboard intelligence solution offered by Streamline Transportation Technologies Inc (STTI).

Burnaby-based Dorigo Systems was chosen as the Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) provider to create the first Navilink prototype. “Dorigo was willing to invest time and manufacturing support to help bring NaviLink to market early in our design stage,” says Ron Iacobelli, P.Eng and COO at STTI. “Together, we designed and manufactured a controller that is used in our vehicle control system.”

“We were able to provide Design for Manufacturability suggestions after the prototypes so the NaviLink controller could be seamlessly launched into production,” states Paul Vasvary, Business Development Manager, Dorigo Systems. “Our mission is to manufacture the highest quality electronics using our fast turnaround and dedicated service capabilities to cost-effectively take our customer’s product from prototype to full production.” 

The NaviLink design team wanted to deliver a Canadian product sourced through local manufacturing channels. In their opinion, the ability to oversee production locally, and to evolve prototype builds quickly, was critical to successfully bringing NaviLink to market. 

“The nature of our product is to be safety critical,” says Iacobelli, “so we needed to work with a local EMS supplier where we could oversee product builds and ensure our controller was designed the way it was specified.” STTI works with Dorigo Systems, one of the Pacific Northwest’s leading EMS providers, due to the company’s high quality standards, its solid reputation and for being well connected with components suppliers.

“We don’t just assemble circuit boards – we become partners in the production process,” says Ken Pauls, Business Operations Manager, Dorigo Systems, “Our team handles everything from procuring components, handling metalwork and final assembly to testing, labeling and shipping of the end product to customers. In STTI’s case, they have benefitted from our highly leveraged purchasing power to reduce component costs.”

STTI provides complete connectivity for Fleet Management by providing the data and visibility to manage not only performance, location, compliance and fuel economy but also insight into the safety and reliability of fleet drivers with Navistream. Their comprehensive transportation logistics solution is securely delivered by the Canadian designed and manufactured NaviLink controller. 

“It’s not often that you can find a manufacturing partner that delivers both a high level of control and quality in their services,” says Iacobelli, “We always trust Dorigo Systems to build what we’ve designed and specified. It’s an ongoing relationship that makes us agile in delivering our NaviLink controller to market quickly and effectively.”

NaviLink Navistream


The team at Dorigo Systems is delighted to be ranked the 79th largest technology company in British Columbia based on a recent Business In Vancouver (BIV) survey.

Dorigo Systems has built a reputation for being one of the Pacific Northwest’s leading contract manufacturers of Printed Circuit Board Assemblies. According to Mark Pillon, President, Dorigo Systems, “We can attribute much of our success to our strong commitment to manufacture the highest quality assemblies and assist our customers in taking their product from prototype to production.”

Included in the list is Forest Technology Systems Ltd (FTS), a long-time customer of Dorigo Systems, and ranked #89 in the BIV Tech list. FTS relies on Dorigo Systems to manufacture the PCB Assemblies used in their Remote Observation Automation System which captures images or video clips over cellular for remote environmental monitoring. Pictured below is the FTS team with their monitoring system at the recent 2017 BC Tech Summit.

Click here to view the BIV Top 100 BC Tech Companies list. 



The team at Dorigo Systems will be celebrating Canada's proud moment in history and will be closed on July 3rd. We are wishing our customers and partners a very happy Canada Day from everyone at Dorigo Systems - a Canadian-based company since it was founded in 1988.

Did you know that a special logo has been created to symbolize Canada's 150th anniversary on July 1, 2017? The logo is comprised of a series of diamonds, or "celebratory gems" arranged in the shape of the iconic maple leaf. To read about how it was created, click here

Canada 150




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In the world of high technology and the IoT, being first to market with a new product can mean the difference between success or failure.

Turning your vision into a reality requires engineers to design a new generation of sensors that are unobtrusive, low maintenance and inexpensive. IoT devices that are lightweight and compact with relatively simple circuitry and wireless connectivity are already in high demand.

Dorigo provides Precision Quick Turn services for a variety of PCBA’s that ensure these sorts of IoT sensor prototypes are built properly. Dorigo Systems’ experienced team collaborates up front in Design for Manufacturability (DFM) to ensure PCBA’s and Metal Clad PCBA’s are built on time and within budget. Our comprehensive EMS services can assist your business in getting an IoT PCB to market – faster.

Ensure you choose the right EMS partner that can leverage a team of experienced process engineers that are engaged in the latest advancements for applications such as energy, remote sensing, LED and industrial imaging – to name a few. Dorigo helps you solve your manufacturing issues upfront so you can move forward faster and take advantage of the latest IoT advances.

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