Dorigo has installed a semi-automatic depanelizing systems to enhance its Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA) production capabilities.  The new machine, an ASYS Divisio 2100 Ergo, allows for improved depanelization: the process of removing numerous, smaller individual PCBs from a larger multi-PCB panel during manufacturing.  Automated depaneling is an important process in electronics manufacturing as it increases throughput while ensuring consistent accuracy even with small or oddly-shaped boards.

"At Dorigo Systems, we find that many of our customers' designs have components very near the edge of the boards," says Paul Vasvary, Business Development Manager.  "The ultra-high densities of assemblies these days often require a depaneling router to ensure that the components do not get damaged when the individual PCA's are removed from the panel."

Dorigo's depaneling process has the advantage of speed and pin-point accuracy with the ASYS Divisio 2100 Ergo.  This precision depanelizing can be performed on boards requiring tight tolerances.  The depaneling process utilizes high quality bits, ensuring minimal mechanical stress, and is adaptable based on computer-controlled processing.

Another important feature of the system is that we can depanel round or odd-shaped boards with very tight tolerances, in situations where an assembly needs to fit into a precision enclosure," states Vasvary.

The ASYS Divisio 2100 Ergo router is controlled by computer software that is programmed to route each pallet consistently.  The end result is high-quality finished edges on individual boards.  The system allows for two complete set-ups to be used.  While one PCA is being routed, the previously routed boards are removed an a new panel is loaded and ready to swap positions.  The machine has a built-in self-cleaning system that vacuums away board trimmings.  The ASYS Divisio 2100 Ergo can also be used to make assorted jigs, fixtures and carrier plates.



For the second year running, Pillon Holdings (the corporate parent company that encompasses Dorigo Systems and Enigma Interconnect) has been included in Business in Vancouver's annual ranking of the city's 100 top manufacturers!  In 2019, Pillon Holdings jumped two spots to be ranked as Vancouver's 47th largest manufacturer.  We are incredibly proud to be a part of Vancovuer's manufacturing industry, and to build 100% of our products right here in beautiful British Columbia.  Please take a moment to check out this year's rankings, and join us in congratulating other local manufacturing powerhouses on year of growth and acheivement!

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Dorigo Optimizes PCB Assembly Using True 3D Optical Inspection for High Speed Production

Burnaby, BC, Canada – December 12, 2018 –
Dorigo Systems has integrated the Koh Young KY8030-3 Solder Paste Inspection (SPI) and 3D AOI system into its high speed Printed Circuit Board (PCB) assembly lines providing true 3D optical inspection. Dorigo is one of only a few select EMS providers in Canada that uses a true 3D measuring system providing foreign material inspection for the entire PCBA – vastly improving the ability to detect board defects during the manufacturing process.

“At Dorigo Systems, we continue to adapt our electronics manufacturing processes to achieve close to zero board defects,” states Paul Vasvary, Business Development Manager, Dorigo Systems. “By implementing the Koh Young Technology that analyzes true 3D measurement, Dorigo is building PCBA’s right the first time.”

By accessing all board data, Dorigo Systems uses an inspection solution that collects and analyzes large amounts of data producing traceable results and increasing board quality. The Koh Young KY8030-3 SPI and 3D AOI system detects all kinds of board defects using patented shadow-free 3D moiré technology including: missing, offset, rotation, polarity, upside down, OCV/OCR, solder filet, billboarding, lifted lead, lifted body, and tombstone bridging.

“The Zenith series provides superior results by measuring every aspect of the component and solder joint according to IPC-A-610 standards,” says Chas Yu, Dorigo’s Quality Manager. “By quickly measuring components and solder joints, and then offering critical height information to the inspection algorithms, we can now immediately identify errors like pad overhang and insufficient solder.”

The Koh Young KY8030-3 SPI and 3D AOI system uses data-driven analytics to overcome production challenges and enables smart manufacturing for Dorigo Systems high speed lines vastly improving board inspection. True 3D optical scanning removes shadow problems by utilizing 8-way projection while providing accurate PCB inspection data with real-time PCB warp compensation.

“When it comes to building high-precision electronics, there is no margin for error,” states Paul Vasvary, Business Development Manager. “3D optical inspection ensures we continue to provide superior electronics manufacturing services to our customers.”


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Dorigo has officially broken ground on its new cutting-edge manufacturing facility in Burnaby's Glenlyon Business Park! In honour of this milestone, corporate parent company Pillon Holdings hosted the build team leaders - including representatives from Beedie, Christopher Bozyk Architects, and the Business Development Bank of Canada - at a groundbreaking ceremony on Monday, February 4, 2019. 

The event included opening comments by Bahare Poleshuk of Beedie, after which Dorigo President Mark Pillon addressed the crowd. 

"To me, we are truly building a legacy," he remarked.  "Dorigo happens to be my mother's maiden name; when I named my first company, I named it in her honour.  My parents came to Canada as immigrants, searching for a better life, and they instilled in me the values of perseverance, dedication and commitment.  I built my companies upon those values, and upon good teamwork and adaptability.  The new Dorigo building will continue the legacy of hardwork and achievement - a legacy in which I take much pride."

Architect Christopher Bozyk delivered a toast to Dorigo, and christened the site with a celebratory glass of Prosecco, in honour of Mark's Italian heritage.

Dorigo is exited to give you a behind-the-scenes look as it brings the vision of a world-class electronics manufacturing facility to life in beautiful Burnaby, BC!  Check back here for regular updates on the Dorigo build at Glenlyon Business Park.

Brentwood Festival of Lights 4

For the third year running, Dorigo Systems has sponsored a company Christmas tree in the Deer Lake Rotary Club's "Festival of Lights" at Brentwood Town Centre. This annual fundraiser supports "Boots for Kids", a program which provides new, warm boots to children in Burnaby. Last year, Rotarians donated more than 150 hours of their time to provide 270 pairs of boots to children in 8 community schools.

We're happy to be part of our vibrant community in Burnaby and donate our time to such a worthy cause. Merry Christmas!

Click here for more infornation about Boots for Kids.

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