On Get to Know Your Customer Day, we’re celebrating how Dorigo’s manufacturing team works with our customers to bring their innovative designs to market. We’ve interviewed our Manufacturing Manager, Danial Arooj, P.Eng., to understand why transparency, support and on-time delivery is critical to the diverse mix of OEM customers we work with at Dorigo Systems. 

Danial understands both sides of the electronics manufacturing picture. He has worked for several OEMs prior to coming to Dorigo and understands why OEMs select and rely on contract manufacturers to convert their designs to subassemblies or final assemblies. Danial oversees both engineering and manufacturing at Dorigo Systems. 

What background do you bring to Dorigo Systems Danial? 

I have always been fascinated by how to make and fix things. Throughout my life, I’ve been the “go to” person to fix anything that is broken. It’s what propelled me into Mechanical Engineering. After obtaining my Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, I pursued a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from UVic and then a diploma in Management from SFU.  

Over the years, I’ve been associated with electronics and manufacturing companies in areas such as LED lighting and medical devices. My passion is to understand how to fix things. I want to put things together to make sure they work properly. It’s why I chose to work at Dorigo Systems because overseeing the assembly of PCBs perfectly aligns with what interests me most.  

What makes Dorigo Systems’ electronics manufacturing services different from other EMS companies? 

What I’ve seen is that Dorigo’s values are entrenched in its culture. Dorigo Systems is special because its President, Mark Pillon, P.Eng., is involved in the operations of the company on a daily basis. The team he has created work closely together. Everything we do is customer focused so our team cares first and foremost about our customers’ needs. 

How can Dorigo Systems help OEMs who are launching new products? 

Dorigo Systems has been working with a diverse mix of OEMs of all sizes for over 35 years. In all cases, when these OEMs are launching new products, they are seeking quick turnaround at the prototype phase of product development.  

We’ve dedicated manufacturing lines that cater exclusively to Quick Turn in order to manufacture assemblies in under 2 weeks to ensure they are ahead of the curve. The turnaround time varies by the number of PCBAs required. We are continuing to expand our Quick Turn capabilities to best serve OEMs looking to manufacture innovative products quickly to meet market demands.  

Most established OEMs are always seeking ways to reinvent themselves with new products. Dorigo Systems’ team is able to support these OEMs by delivering our seamless customer experience that includes the input from a Product Engineer, Buyer, Material Planner and Account Executive with a clear and proactive mandate to ensure our customers gain value with Dorigo as a partner. Our goal is to ensure stability, reliability, and quality for customers.  

What do you like best about Dorigo’s work culture? 

My job as Manufacturing Manager ensures that every day is exciting for me. I work with numerous customers and their products to manufacture their PCBAs. It’s very interesting to learn about new industries and product applications. It is especially rewarding being on the forefront of new technology products that relate to the electrification of our world.  

What I’ve found is that Dorigo Systems is built on a culture of respect. I value this quality and I see this in action every day on our manufacturing floor. I look forward to all the new challenges at Dorigo Systems and continue to find new ways to fix things to make them better.