BEACN’s Made-in-Canada Audio Hardware Innovator Launches

Featured in EP&T Magazine, T-NET and PLANT Magazine

Burnaby, BC, Canada – October 21, 2021 – BEACN, a Victoria-based audio technology company that develops solutions for streamers, podcasters, gamers, and content creators, is set to be one of BC’s next high tech success stories. Working together with Dorigo Systems, an Electronics Manufacturing Services company, they are building BEACN Mix and BEACN Mix Create which will launch in Q4 2021.

Founded by Daniel Davies and Craig Fraser, BEACN has created audio mixers which are ideal for handling the complex needs associated with live streaming, content creation and even home office environments.

“We wanted to give control over multiple audio streams coming from a computer by providing an intuitive and easy-to-use interface,” says Craig Fraser, CEO, BEACN. “Managing program audio coming from within your computer can be challenging not only to access but to manipulate.”

BEACN Mix acts as a Windows audio controller, giving users the ability to reach inside their operating system and directly control programs like games, chat, browser or music via the four knobs. Each can be turned up or down independent of one another and muted by pressing the knob.

“BEACN Mix Create takes things to another level for content creators and live streamers by introducing submixes, knob paging, custom mute modes and advanced audio routing. These features are key to live content creation when users are in front of an audience and need precise, quick control of their audio.” states John Horstmann, Product Marketing Manager, BEACN.

Daniel Davies, President & CTO, holds a
completed BEACN Mix hot off the Dorigo
assembly line that is ready to be tested.

The BEACN Mix products are manufactured and assembled in Canada. Choosing a Canadian electronics manufacturing partner was important to the company. “We want to invest in local communities,” remarks Daniel Davies, President and CTO, BEACN. “Choosing an EMS partner that has high quality standards and trusted ownership was critical to our decision and that’s why we chose Dorigo Systems.”

Dorigo Systems is an electronics manufacturing company that knows how to bring innovative products to market. They have built a world-class facility in Burnaby, BC that offers the scalability to best support BEACN from their initial launch to eventual worldwide adoption.

“The PCBAs that power BEACN mixes are made in Canada both ethically and responsibly,” states Mr. Davies. “Creating a sustainable business requires scalability from our manufacturing partner. The team at Dorigo Systems has offered Design for Manufacturability service and helped to bring our ideas to reality.”

“Our 105,000 square feet of manufacturing space in Burnaby, BC is setting new standards for contract manufacturing in North America,” states Paul Vasvary, Business Development Manager, Dorigo Systems. “We’re delighted to be working with BEACN’s team to manufacture and assemble their innovative line of audio peripherals.”

Based in Victoria, BC, BEACN is a technology solutions company creating the next evolution in content creating audio peripherals. Their BEACN Mix and BEACN Mix Create controllers are ideal for streamers, podcasters, gamers and content creators. Get the latest news about BEACN on Twitter .