We’re making great progress on Dorigo’s new state-of-the-art, custom-built facility at Glenlyon Business Park, and can’t wait to  share a little more information with our community! In this, the second installment of our Dorigo at Glenlyon:  Meet the Experts series, we’re pleased to introduce you to Beedie Industrial, our developers.

Based in Burnaby, BC, Beedie is the largest and most respected private industrial land developer in Metro Vancouver.  Founded in 1954, the company has built its reputation on a steadfast commitment to quality and customer satisfaction – much like Dorigo!  Their vertically integrated structure addresses all aspects of development, including land acquisition, design, construction, financing and property management.  We sat down with Oliver Nicklin, the director of industrial project management at Beedie, to learn a little more about how he is helping Dorigo bring its vision to life!

Q: Tell us about your background, and about what you do now at Beedie.

A: My background is in project management within the construction industry.  Originally from the UK, I worked in the Middle East for a while before moving to Canada in 2012.  I joined Beedie in 2017 as a senior project manager, and was named the director of industrial project management in 2019.

Our Project Managers work on several projects at a time, all at various stages of development and levels of complexity.  In the design phase, we often spend one or two days a week in various meetings discussing and closing out issues on each project.  For the Dorigo facility, I worked with Mark, Vantha, their team of consultants (architect Chris Bozyk and manufacturing layout expert Jeff Finger) and Beedie’s trusted team of external structural, mechanical, physical, landscaping and code consultants.  Once we enter the permitting stage the intensity dials back a bit as we wait for feedback from the municipality, and then once the permits go through we ramp up to the construction phase.

Q: How did you come to be involved in Dorigo at Glenlyon?

A: I started working on the project as a senior project manager in September 2019.  As I mentioned before, initially my main focus was working with Mark, Vantha and the consultant team to develop the design from concept to construction. Due to the complex nature of this project, this took around 9 months to complete. Whilst I have remained involved throughout the construction process, my colleague Scott Spencer, a Beedie project manager, has been managing the day-to-day construction activities at a site level.

Q:  Talk to us a bit about what is involved in the build process.  How does building an electronics manufacturer differ from other commercial builds you’ve been involved in?

A:  In a way, the construction process is essentially the same irrelevant of the type of building.  Whether you’re building a hotel or a high-rise, you have to design it, plan it properly, procure the materials, and sequence the resources. At a high level, this involves taking the consultants’ design and the construction schedule and tendering this to the subcontractors that will ultimately perform the bulk of the construction work.  Beedie’s responsibility is then to coordinate and drive these trades to achieve the required construction schedule …whilst managing changes and issues that inevitably develop as the works progress.

However, there are definitely some challenges associated with this particular type of build.  For example, the complexity of the mechanical and electrical systems required for the manufacturing process, and also the high level of finishes within the office, as selected by Mark and Chris Bozyk Architects.

Q:  How would you describe the vision for Dorigo at Glenlyon?

A:  I think Mark and Chris Bozyk have a fantastic vision for the building and, moreover, for the working environment they wanted to create.  The final product that is now coming to fruition is a testament to that vision.  Dorigo’s reputation was built around delivering high-quality products, and the detail that has gone into this building certainly fits with that mission statement.

Q:  From your perspective, what is special or unusual about the Dorigo build at Glenlyon?

A:  There are many unusual features in this building that you don’t see in everyday commercial construction in Vancouver. However, if I had to pick one it would be the electrochromic glass or (“smart glass”) that is being used on this project.  Rather than using traditional glass windows and incorporating blinds that would take away from the view and obscure the direct sunlight, this system allows you to precisely control the quantity and quality of natural light throughout the day.

Not many buildings here in Vancouver have this – it’s something more commonly seen in Silicon Valley.  In fact, this is the first time that Beedie has worked with this product. Given the southern aspect of this building, we are very excited to see how this translates into increased comfort for the Dorigo staff who will work within the building. Kudos to Mark for making the decision to proceed with this!

Dorigo at Glenlyon is one of the most high-end buildings that we’ve ever built at Beedie Industrial, in terms of architectural design and finish.  That level of quality always presents additional challenges, but at the same time it promises additional rewards.  Its’s been a privilege to work with Dorigo – a true Burnaby-based success story, much like Beedie!—and we couldn’t have asked for more from a client.  I think we are as excited as you are to see the completed project come together!