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Burnaby, BC, Canada – October 24, 2017 – Dorigo’s Quality Management System for building high-precision electronics is now ISO 9001:2015 certified. This is the world’s most widely recognized Quality Management System that helps organizations prove their ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.

Dorigo demonstrates the compliance with ISO 9001:2015 standards at every stage in the product manufacturing life cycle from quotation through to shipment. All electronic assemblies are inspected to ensure compliance to workmanship standards and customer requirements by highly trained Quality Control Inspectors or through advanced Automated Optical Inspection and Solder Paste Inspection machines from Koh Young and Mirtec.

“ISO 9001:2015 puts more focus on the output and input components of an organization’s processes,” states Chas Yu, Quality Assurance Manager at Dorigo. “The proper measurement and assessment of these processes are fundamental to the new standards which now pay more attention to risk management, interested parties and the context of the organization.”

Chas Yu brings over 20 years of experience to Dorigo Systems from working within a wide range of regulated environments such as the FDA, Health Canada and the European CE Mark. His well-rounded knowledge of practical and risk-based experience, combined with a solid background in Manufacturing and Power Engineering, ensures that the new ISO standards are properly implemented and monitored.

 “ISO guidelines are very important to Dorigo Systems and receiving this new certification is part of our commitment to cost-effectively take our customers’ products from prototype to full production using the highest quality standards,” says Paul Vasvary, Dorigo’s Business Development Manager. “Our adherence to this known international standard provides one of the strongest assurances of product and service quality available.”

Chas Yu Dorigo
Chas Yu, Dorigo Systems' Quality Assurance Manager


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BC-based firms design and manufacture Navilink Vehicle Controller

Knowing where fleet vehicles and drivers are at all times identifies potential problems sooner and mitigates risks before they become larger issues that can impact driver safety or increase operating costs. This vision is what has propelled the design of NaviLink, an IoT transportation controller which is disrupting today’s fleet management. Manufactured by Dorigo Systems Ltd., this controller is a critical component of the Navistream onboard intelligence solution offered by Streamline Transportation Technologies Inc (STTI), Kamloops BC. 

Burnaby-based Dorigo Systems was chosen as the electronics manufacturing services (EMS) provider to create the first Navilink prototype. “Dorigo was willing to invest time and manufacturing support to help bring NaviLink to market early in our design stage,” says Ron Iacobelli, P.Eng and COO at STTI. “Together, we designed and manufactured a controller that is used in our vehicle control system.”


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Paul Vasvary and Ken Pauls represented Dorigo Systems at this year’s annual Electronic Charity Open on Sept. 7th. It was great to connect with clients and the tech community throughout the event while raising money for the MS Society of Canada.

Teams of four took part in an 18-hole competition at Redwoods Golf Course in Langley, BC. Pictured below are Paul with Shain Bhulji of Enigma Interconnect and Ken with his golf team. 

ECO2017 carts IMG 4181 1    IMG 4178 ECO2017 team

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All Simon Fraser University (SFU) Engineering Science students conclude their degrees with a Capstone Project. This practical, engaging and often highly entrepreneurial development project provides students with a forum to tackle engineering problems of their own choosing in a dynamic and innovative way.

Six students developing gamma-prototypes were invited to tour Dorigo Systems to learn more about what's involved in the process of prototyping electronics. Instead of learning through lectures, they had the opportunity to see how Dorigo's customers contract their prototype development. During the tour, they discovered that Mark Pillon, founder and President, started Dorigo Systems from his parent’s home in 1988 armed with an Engineering Science degree from Simon Fraser University. He built Dorigo Systems on the values his parents instilled in him – perseverance, teamwork, adaptability and – above all – hard work.

Dorigo has grown significantly since those early days and now occupies over 45,000 sq. feet of manufacturing space and employs nearly 100 people. The SFU students were able to view Dorigo's team - in action - as an inspiration to fuelling ideas for their current capstone projects.

Recent SFU Capstone projects have included voice-operated bicycle lights, an ATV automatic protection system, a motion-sensing cat toy and a musical rehabilitation assistance device. The only limits to these students' projects are their imagination and application. We were delighted to host them at our headquarters in Burnaby. 

Learn more about SFU's Capstone progam.

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We're participating in the Electronic Charity Open 2017 on Sept. 7, 2017 in Langley, BC which raises funds for the MS Society of Canada. Last year, over 100 golfers were in attendance and over $7,000 raised for Multiple Sclerosis research.

If you're part of the Vancouver electronics community - we hope to see you golfing at the event! Dorigo Systems is proud to be sponsoring the golf carts.

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