Dorigo 6164DORIGO – Your invaluable resource for solving technical, logistical and business issues 

The Dorigo team has years of experience in engineering, supply chain and manufacturing which makes Dorigo a proactive partner for our clients. From companies specializing in wireless communication devices and RF transmission systems to security and marine electronic products, our clients come to us because we have the expertise to deliver the quality, workmanship and customer service they demand.

By maintaining close and productive working relationships with our customers, we have successfully assisted them in:

  • Providing accurate and timely quotes
  • Fast prototyping
  • Collaborating up front in Design For Manufacturability (DFM)
  • Streamlining production
  • Finding new ways of meeting challenging production deadlines

We are your partner in the production process.

We've earned a reputation for our accurate and timely quotes

In fact, that is one of the reasons why so many leading OEMs turn to us for their contract manufacturing work. They know we consistently deliver projects on-time and within budget.

To obtain a copy of our Quoting Guidelines, simply click here.