Conformal PCB Coating - The Process Matters

Many purchasing managers are aware of the different processes used in contract manufacturing for printed circuit boards, but they aren't always clear about when and why certain capabilities matter. Conformal coating is one of those processes. It can save your boards from an early death, but only if it's done right.

Conformal coating means applying an acrylic or other specialized material to protect boards from contamination that can lead to failure. Usually, we're trying to block moisture from condensation, which is a concern in any environment where temperatures fluctuate -- that is, just about any outdoor application (especially military and automotive).

You've undoubtedly seen condensation first hand -- perhaps last summer as moisture from the warm air condensed on the surface of your cool beverage can. The same thing happens to electronics -- for example, as airborne systems descend from cold altitudes to warmer ground elevations. ... Read More

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