By now you probably know that Dorigo has brought on Alexander Chassels to serve as Vice President of Operations.  You may have read about him in Business in Vancouver, Burnaby Now, EP&T or SMT007, or heard about him from excited staff members, or even met him at the Dorigo office.  If not, though, don't worry!  As VP, Alex will oversee day-to-day operations at Dorigo, so you'll be seeing much more of him in the days ahead.

New VP Alex Chassels on Dorigo's SMT floor.

For now, though, we invite you to take a moment and learn a little more about Alex through the short Q&A below.  We're very happy to introduce you!

Q: Tell us a little about your background. How does it relate to what we do at Dorigo?

A: For the past twenty years I have been involved in all aspects of supply chain, manufacturing, quality assurance and customer experience for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMS). In this environment, you are constantly reviewing the in-source/out-source model. What makes sense to produce in-house? When does it make sense to draw upon a contract manufacturer’s resources and expertise, and how do we find that right partner?

A great EMS provider works with you to validate your out-source value proposition holistically - that is, with a focus on creating the right solutions rather than simply winning your business. This creates a lasting relationship (or partnership) built on trust, and drives long-term success for both parties.

Within this context I am excited to be sitting on the other side of the table. I know what good looks like from an OEM standpoint and look forward to bringing this insight into Dorigo and helping to enhance our approach to customer service.

 Q: Tell us a little about your leadership philosophy.

 A: To me, leadership is the capacity to envision and deliver on a strategy - utilizing clear channels of communication within a framework of empowered and collaborative teams.

“Wow - what does this mean?” you might be asking.

You first need to set the plan, working closely with your team to co-create a 3-to-5 year strategy that takes into account both the external and internal environment.

Once this is done and you know your overall direction and yearly goals, it must be communicated again and again. You do this through one-on-one meetings, daily huddles, monthly and quarterly reviews, customer meetings, and social media. Opening the right channels of communication ensures alignment and allows for a quick pivot based on feedback.

With strategy and communications now in play, you must continue to foster the team’s success. By ‘foster’ I mean get out of their way and stand with them while applying coaching and continual learning tools. This leads to a team that has the capacity to delivery on their strategy … full circle.

Q: Why were you so excited to join Dorigo?

A:I was very excited to join Dorigo - and no, it had nothing to do with needing a job! I already had a great one.

For as long as I have known the name “Dorigo,” it has been synonymous with quality, the capacity to deliver, and technology… plus the people are fantastic.

But this is not the only reason I am excited to join Dorigo. As new technologies continue to change the way we live, work and relate to one another, we see more and more opportunities for nimble and entrepreneurial companies like Dorigo. How do we expand our current vision and re-imagine ourselves in the light of industry 4.0, additive manufacturing, prescriptive business intelligence, and many-to-many networks? More opportunities are opening up every day, and I see that Dorigo is uniquely positioned to support and lead our customers through this transition.

Q: What is something you've learned about Dorigo that perhaps people outside the company don't know?

A: Dorigo is going through a transformation. Not only will we be moving the entire business into a new best-in-class facility in 2020, but today we are making advances in our manufacturing execution and ERP systems, customer experience processes, and go-to-market plans. We’re lucky to have a strong and stable foundation that allows for these advances. It’s an exciting time!

Q: What are the main focuses for your first few months on the job?

A:My near-term focus is to learn about our customers, What does success look like for them and how well are we meeting their needs? Beyond that, the team and I will be formalizing our 3-to-5 year strategic plan, and start delivering on this commitment.