Dorigo Systems is very proud to sponsor UBC Orbit, a satellite design team from the University of British Columbia.  Orbit's goal is to design and develop a practical satellite that will be launched into space!

Engineering Manager Adriana Baciu (far left) with members of UBC Orbit.


Business Operations Manager Ken Pauls (far left) and Engineering Manager Adriana Baciu (far right) walk Team Orbit through Dorigo.


Through the sponsorship of parent company Pillon Holdings, Dorigo will provide its PCBA manufacturing services free of charge, working with PCBs fabricated and donated by sister company Enigma Interconnect.  More valuable still, the students of UBC Orbit will have the support of our excellent engineering team and full access to our electronics expertise.  Engineering Manager Adriana Baciu attended the team's Preliminary Design Review on Saturday, February 9th to provide detailed insight as to how to optimize their PCBA design, and the team visited Dorigo's facility for a detailed tour on Friday, March 15th.

"I've really enjoyed spending some time with these young, very smart, and enthusiastic students," said Adriana.  "It's a true pleasure to support and educate the next generation of engineers as they go after their goals."

Team Orbit is currently participating in the Canadian Space Design Challenge (CSDC) to develop a functional satellite capable of photographing specific regions of the Earth on command.  Any amateur radio operator will be able to call the satellite and ask for a selfie - hence the nickname "Selfie-Sat."  The team is also collaborating with such universities as Simon Fraser University, the University of Victoria and Harvard on the ORCASAT, which will aid in telescope calibration and help provide new insights on the nature of dark energy in the universe.  Interestingly enough, one of the telescopes that will benefit from this satellite is the CHIME telescope in the Okanagan - which is also powered by Enigma PCBs and Dorigo assembly services!

Please check back for updates on Dorigo's efforts to help UBC Orbit launch their satellite into the final frontier!