We recently asked this question to Richard LaLau, president at Quadrant Electronics, Inc (QEI), and he shared his top five criteria to consider:

Richar LaLau headshot QEI

   1.Fit and style
   2. Capability and track record 
   3. Product life cycle process 
   4. Stability 
   5. Cost

"Building a relationship with your electronics manufacturing services partner is critical to effectively bring a product to market from concept to fulfillment," says Richard "but be careful when assessing your EMS culture, as it makes a big difference knowing how to properly manufacture an electronic product and how parts are bought and sold globally."

Discover why Dorigo Systems is the preferred choice for QEI by reading, "Building Higher Quality Electronics through Outsourcing - North America or Offshore?"

According to LaLau, "Dorigo interprets and rapidly prototypes our designs to the highest level of quality - by closely coupling design and manufacturing we can quickly resolve product quality and production efficiency problems."

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