Dorigo 5393

Discover the Dorigo Advantage – Stability, Loyalty and Longevity.


Dorigo’s long term financial stability, excellent reputation for high quality manufacturing and strong ties within the electronic component supply chain have all combined to position the company as a strong and stable choice for our customers.


Our management team has years of combined experience in the engineering, component supply and manufacturing sectors with an average tenure of 12 years service at Dorigo. For our clients, that translates into an invaluable resource for solving technical, logistical and business issues - from streamlining production and designing for manufacturability to finding new ways of meeting challenging production deadlines.


As our history shows, we're constantly striving to respond to growing customer requirements by expanding our operations, streamlining our production process, and providing the timely delivery and superior quality our customers expect.

Finding the Solutions You Need

Dorigo has the facilities and people to deliver state-of-the-art circuit board manufacturing. Based in two facilities totalling over 45,000 square feet, Dorigo is a solid choice for any OEM who is seeking a long term, stable manufacturing partnership.